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  1. Ekahau Site Survey version 8.6 released for both Windows and OS X (Beta)
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VisiWave Site Survey analyzes your Wi-Fi network, create heatmaps to understand the coverage and more.

Ekahau Site Survey version 8.6 released for both Windows and OS X (Beta)

AirMagnet Survey Pro is a Wifi heat mapping software that makes it easy to deploy your Wi-Fi network correctly the first time. Click here to download the demo version. To conclude, these WiFi heat maps give you an in-depth idea into the performance and coverage of your Wi-Fi network, so you never have to worry about dropped Wi-Fi connections and poor signal ever again.

Grab one or a Few of our Recommendations above to get a better understanding of how it runs in your situation and how to put an end to Dead Spots in your Wireless Networks and infrastructure by properly using a Wifi Heat map to understand your network. So, how can you Overcome this problem? SolarWinds NPM SolarWinds is a company known for its top-of-the-line monitoring systems that help you stay on top of the performance of every application in your business.


It is much faster and more accurate than a manual survey of wireless strength overlaid on a physical map. Easily identifies dead signal zones Makes adjustments to improve wireless coverage Locates all mobiles devices connected to your Wi-Fi, provided it is within three meters from your network. Download You can download a free trial here. Features Some of the important features in NetSpot are: Collects information about surrounding Wi-Fi networks and presents this information in an interactive table. Customizable noise charts show the changes in real-time.

Helps to locate Wi-Fi issues in specific spots. Helps to know your busiest and least-used channels.

Color-coded bars helps to analyze the performance of all Wi-Fi networks. You can save all this data is a CSV file for review. Allows you to create multiple zones for each project.

Home User and Professional IT Admins

Comes with extensive recommendations to fix Wi-Fi problems Pricing There are three editions. Home edition — Ideal for a single user.

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  • Use NetSpot to visualize, manage, troubleshoot, audit, plan, and deploy your wireless networks.?
  • Best WiFi Heat Map Software and Tools for Wireless Network Site Surveys!

We'll first cover Enterprise level software solutions as this is what we have experience with and then we'll dive in personal and home-use software that can even be used from your Smart phones. These software and tools specifically create Wifi Heatmaps — Some of them have other capabilities such as Wifi analyzing and mapping functionality , but the ones list above will help you create beautiful maps that will assist you in correctly configuring and troubleshooting your network.

Solarwinds is an Enterprise-Grade software solution that is an all encompassing too and software suite that includes a great Wifi Analyzer as seen here and they also give you the ability to quickly create a wireless heat map as well. These are some of the major features of Solarwinds' offering and there are quite a few more that they are capable of doing. Here's some screenshots of this program in action to get a better sense of how it looks and performs:. As you can see, this program has loads of Great features and capabilities that make it a great tool for Mapping out your Whole Wireless infrastructure in your Business or Corporate environment.

This tools even gives you insights into the clients connected to individual Wifi Access points along with their Pertinent information, such as IP Address, Mac Address, which Access Point its connected to and its Hostname. Ekahau HeatMapper is another great tool for using in your Small Office or Corporate environment that gives you great visual layouts of your existing wireless infrastructure.

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  6. As you can see from the image above, this tool lays out color coded areas that represent your wireless networks signal strength for you to quickly analyze and fix if needed. Although it comes with a steep learning curve, it is one of the best packet analyzer apps available.

    Better Wi-Fi

    JamWiFi is another free little tool which can not only analyze devices connected to your wireless network, but you can also disconnect them from using your WiFi. But it also comes with a downside which is it will also disconnect you and you have to reconnect again. For casual use or not too deep analysis, the Wireless Diagnostics seem to work just fine.

    If you need something quick that shows you details about your connected network just from your menubar, check out WiFi Signal. However, if you are a sucker for extra features, WiFi Scanner provides the most for your money. For large organizations or commercial purposes, nothing comes close to NetSpot. Did we miss anything? Which one do you use?

    The Best WiFi Analyser For Mac () | TechWiser

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