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All in one. Clipboard History is limited to 3 months. Nice merge clips feature. Only simple text - no support for rich text data. Hide See All. Recommend 25 7. My Rec ommendation for Copied.

My Recommendation for Copied. All Menu Bar app is flexible. Berkhan's Experience. Features Do Not Work. Syncs across devices. Unresponsive Support. Allows creating templates for pasting copied items in a different format. No Free Trial. Applescript doesn't work. Poor documentation. Recommend 29 My Rec ommendation for Clipy. My Recommendation for Clipy. All 8.

Clipboard History - Alfred Help and Support

Simple integration into any workflow out of the box. CalmMormo's Experience. Successor of ClipMenu. Gowtham Muthukkumaran Thirunavukkarasu's Experience. Supports shortcuts. ExuberantWagyl's Experience. LearnedEgeria's Experience. KindRohe's Experience. Recommend 33 4. My Rec ommendation for Paste. My Recommendation for Paste. Simple design and usage. Closed source. ClassyEurynome's Experience. Offers named folders. Offers "Copy as plain text".

Support rich text data. Offers free trial.

Copying and Pasting Text

Recommend 12 5. My Rec ommendation for Flycut.

Imagine if ice cream came in only one flavor. Not much fun, eh? Take hold of the iClip preferences and go beyond plain vanilla. Try the various skins, bin shapes, and sizes.

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Adjust the transparency to your liking. If you often have to respond to emails with a bunch of similar responses, you can use iClip to store them all. Having these all a single click or keyboard shortcut away make it really fast and efficient to handle tasks like this. The contents of the clipboard can be viewed by selecting the Show Clipboard menu item from the Finder's Edit menu.

The raw data and the stored formats can be seen using the ClipboardViewer. Using the following commands the clipboard can be accessed from the command line: [25] [26]. The usage and handling of various selections is not standardized.

A command-line interface to the Mac OS X Pasteboard

Data is "copied" immediately upon highlighting and pasted with the third middle mouse button. There are two command line tools xsel and xclip which can access the clipboard: [31]. The Amiga operating system uses units, so one has multiple clipboards at the same time. Android provides a clipboard that can hold up to one clip object and is accessible system-wide.

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Simple text is stored directly in the clipboard; complex data are stored by reference. The clip object has one of three formats: text string, URI object, or intent. To interact with the clipboard, an app uses the class ClipboardManager [35] and system calls to cut, copy, and paste objects. In Android 8. Apart from that, and in earlier versions, the user has no access to the clipboard except in apps that make it available to the user.

Apps on this operating system can create additional pasteboards, called instances of the UIPasteboard class, which can be public or private. One instance can hold a single item or multiple items in different formats. The data contained in the pasteboard can't be accessed via the GUI but only from the system and applications. Applications can access the clipboard or its data via APIs.

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In JavaScript a class which detects changes in the users clipboard data ClipboardEvent [38] and functions to alter the content of a clipboard or read from it clipboardData. In Qt a wrapper for every supported platform [40] e. Windows or OS X exists.

It provides access to window system clipboards with the use of the class QClipboard. This class facilitates access to common data types by functions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Data storage used to support copy and paste operations. Archived from the original on Retrieved Visual Basic programmer's reference. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Pub. Designing interactions.