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This is why System 76 is such a great choice, as they develop and maintain their own drivers for Ubuntu, which is the only operating system they ship with. As a result, their interaction with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is very high quality, and questionable wireless tools become a lot more stable and useful.

Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition by Roger Weeks, Rob Flickenger

Figure 1. The System76 Galago Pro. Lightweight with customized drivers to talk to their hardware. While it is entirely a personal choice, we feel that running Ubuntu on vendor-supported hardware is a solid way to go, and from the experience of using all three operating systems in a research capacity, this seems to deliver really consistent results - especially with Bluetooth.

For example, many of the Bluetooth utilities on Kali are for attacking and are often written for a single exploit or class of exploits , and many of these exploits have been patched in modern systems. There are tons of decent add-on hardware choices when it comes to Bluetooth.

0x02. Eavesdropping

When we say add-on hardware choices, we are typically referring to USB devices that provide features and capabilities that the built-in Bluetooth in your laptop doesn't have. As of this writing, most IoT that supports Bluetooth also supports 4. If any device claims to support Bluetooth 5. There are tons of choices when it comes to simple dongles.

The main disadvantage is lack of decent support on macOS, and weird Windows support. Starting with Windows 8 there were changes made to the Bluetooth drivers, so some dongles will work fine up through Windows 7 only, whereas others only support Windows 8 and newer. If your choice is Linux, most will work with the normal Bluetooth drivers, such as Bluez , and should handle tasks like scanning with ease.

Figure 2.

Bluetooth Hacking Tools Comparison | Decipher

SMK-Link Nano. Check the bottom of your computer bag, you might own one with no knowledge of how you got it. Dongles in this class are not a great choice for sniffing, unless you are using Wireshark to sniff from the dongle while you are using a tool to do probing with the same dongle. Basic promiscuous sniffing capabilities with these dongles is usually nonexistent. Figure 3. Sena UD with included stubby antenna. While it comes with a small antenna, opting for some of the accessories like a dipole and a patch antenna can greatly extend the range of the device - for example, the patch antenna can increase the range up to a kilometer.

Again, pay attention to expected drivers on Windows, and on Linux there should be no issue. Figure 4. This dipole antenna on the UD gives it a range of about half a kilometer line of sight. The big pluses with this setup is that even the larger antenna when detached fits neatly in a bag and substantially increases the range.

Over 2300 tools

For both scanning and probing, this is a rock star. However, the biggest minus is that it is hardly stealthy.

Entire presentations have been done around Ubertooth , and while it has its strengths, it also has limitations. When it works, it works decently and will help get you data that is generally fairly hard to get otherwise.

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  • Wireless Security Bluetooth Hacking Tools.

But getting to that point is rather difficult. Expect dropped packets and a lot of restarts of whatever Bluetooth activity you are trying to capture, because getting a complete picture of what is happening Bluetooth-wise will take some patience - especially if you try sniffing. As we talked about earlier, Bluetooth operates by hopping through frequencies within a specific range, or spectrum.

Being that it is programmable is definitely a plus, and all of the software utilities - including firmware - are open-source.

You can hook up a more powerful dipole antenna and get better range out of it in a field setting, but frankly, the Ubertooth performs best in a controlled lab environment. The Nordic Semiconductor nRFDK device is a pretty good Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, with the sniffing abilities working better than expected. Like the Ubertooth, it is programmable, but the out-of-the-box firmware is fine for most quick hacker work, including sniffing.

The range is limited, but the quality is high. Nordic Semiconductor supplies a lot of the chips and hardware solutions in IoT, so they tend to make inexpensive hardware to help developers test their creations. For those not entirely sold on Metasploit, Canvas is a fantastic alternative, offering more than exploits intended to test remote networks. Canvas also gives you the bonus of having the option to write your own exploits, as well as allowing you to use its infamous shellcode generator. On top of that, it integrates an NMap alternative, called ScanRand, which specializes in host discovery and port scanning on mid-to-large scale networks.

Written in Python, Wapiti is a free, open sourced vulnerability scanner that is based on command lines. It may not be the most popular tool on the market, but it is very effective at finding deficiencies on many varying web applications. Ethical hackers tend to gravitate toward IronWasp, a free, multi-platform and open source tool that is perfect for experts looking to audit their own web applications and servers.

It is GUI-based, which makes for an inherently user-friendly experience.

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This is a fantastic stepping stone for those just beginning their foray into ethical hacking. Part of the Kali Linux Distribution, Nikto is another fan favorite. Fedora, another Linux distribution, comes ready made with Nikto already built into its software storehouses. This security program scans web servers while proctoring several different tests against a targeted remote host. It has a very simple and clean command line interface, which makes it a user-friendly option.

Maltego is a superb tool that can be used for data reconnaissance and gathering intel while performing a pointed, first analyses of your chosen target. For instance, Maltego is incredibly useful in determining and correlating relationships that exist between social network profiles, companies, phone numbers, people, names, email addresses, and organizations. With the number of viable, reliable options out there today, there is something available for hackers of all types and skill sets. About Us Privacy Policy. John the Ripper This is infamous as one of the most frequently used and effective password crackers on the market.

The most desirable features of NanoCore include: Base plugins to expand functionality Additional plugins available for more specifically malicious intents User friendly dashboard and interface Available live feed shows progress and damage in real time Metasploit If you are looking for an open source cyber-security platform that allows infosec specialists to implement varying penetration testing options to detect and remedy software vulnerabilities, Metasploit may just be the tool for you.

The tools offered in this framework allow users to: Execute remote attacks Run security vulnerability scans Evade detection systems Enumerate networks and hosts To offer some variety, there are three different versions of Metasploit available: Community: used by small companies and infosec students. Framework: the best for app developers and security researchers. We can use it by typing:. Here we can see that this tool was able to pull information on all the services this device is capable of using. Now that we have the MAC addresses of all the nearby devices, we can ping them, whether they are in discover mode or not, to see whether they are in reach.

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This indicates that the device with a the MAC address F is within range and reachable. Simply type:. To do an inquiry scan, simply type the letter "i" on your keyboard. It will then display all of the information it has gathered about the device, similar to sdptool. In this case, this is the information about the SCH-I device. Here we will simply use it for scanning. When you do, it opens a GUI like that below.

Here, I have clicked on the "get SDP info" and hit the play button to the left. BlueMaho begins scanning for discoverable devices, and like the other tools, it finds two Bluetooth devices. In the bottom window, BlueMaho displays more info from the scanned devices. I have copied that info and placed it into a text file to make it easier for you to read:.

Now, that we know how to gather information on the Bluetooth devices in our range, we will begin hacking those devices in Bluetooth Hacking, Part 3.

15 Ethical Hacking Tools You Can’t Miss

There we will use this information and knowledge to execute the BlueBourne exploit against nearly any Bluetooth enabled device! Theory, Vulnerabilities and Implementation. October 22, Featured Posts.