Mac os x apple ii emulator

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It supports Catakig is an open-source project, released under a BSD style of license. It is generally free for use but please read the included license The Apple IIe left an indelible mark on my teenage psyche.

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Virtu was born out of an interest in emulators and wanting to wallow in nostalgia. Over time it has also become a vehicle to explore developer environments.

Apple - II Series Emulators

The base emulator builds and runs on all of the same platforms that KEGS did, and the new capabilities are being integrated as contributors have time and interest. You have 0 articles to compare.

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Apple II - Downloads - Emulators

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Kegs32 Apple//gs Emulator

Mac OS X. The "Make All Drives Read-Only" entry in the Quick settings menu is a shortcut to protect all mounted disks in one go, essentially making the whole virtual machine read-only.

Key features

Added support for quarter-tracks on woz disk images. A game like Frogger protected with the SpiraDisc copy protection now runs. Improved the woz2 implementation by taking the "optimal bit timing" into account. Disks protected with Infocom's sector format such as Border Zone now run as they should.

Virtual ][, the best Apple II emulator for macOS

For woz diskette images added a new Spotlight key with the woz version number. The information is shown in the Finder's Get Info window, or can be used with the mdfind command-line tool for example: Significantly improved the screen update performance, in particular on large high-resolution retina screens. The built-in QuickLook module now takes care of drawing diskette icons in the Finder. As with the diskette's QuickLook preview, the icons show labels listing the files on the disk image.

Free Apple II Emulators

Added DOS 4. The application now rejects an attempt to insert a 3. The application silently ignored the very rare case where a modified diskette cannot be saved. This oversight has been fixed; the application now shows an error message.