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More Login. Archived Discussion Load All Comments. Have you seen Score: 5 , Informative. Quite a lot of them work on OS X, and personally I would recomend eclipse although I have only used it with Java, so I do not know how well it works with Python. Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:Have you seen Score: 5 , Interesting. IMHO, this is by far the best open source free python editor. It blew me away. It is even nice for designing GUIs since it comes with wxGlade.

Although, it does still have a few quirks, it is very usable. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Eclipse Score: 2. Re:Eclipse Score: 2 , Funny. Eclipse is crap for python.

Thonny, Python IDE for beginners

Now you know. Score: 1. Eclipse works very fine for Pythyon with the PyDev [sourceforge.

How to Install Python 3.6 on Mac OS X

Re:similar situation Score: 3 , Interesting. One of these days I'll install it again and give it a really good test. That's the editor used in the 15 minute Ruby-On-Rails demo video, for those who have seen it. ActiveState's newest version came out for OSX first and supports ruby and RoR as well as the languages it has historically supported python, php, tcl, Objective C Score: 5 , Funny.

Aparently Objective C is perfect and all you need. Re:Objective C Score: 1 , Insightful. Outside of Cocoa no new ObjC code seems to be written at all. Which probably says something about that language. In order to make the most of it, you need to develop with some framework. Your main choices are either Cocoa or Openstep. That said, Cocoa is Mac only for now I have my eye on the upcoming expo and Openstep is lagging behind in many areas.

Depending on what you're doing, this may or may not be a problem. I personally think Objective-C is a fine choice for cross-platform development sans-frameworks IF: 1. You'd be comfortable doing it with C 2. You're doing largely lower level work or non GUI-work in which case you'd need to use Openstep 3.

The Text and Source Code Editor for Programmers

You're willing to accept a performance hit for message sends versus function calls minor though, about 1. You'd like to take advantage of some of Obj-C's special features that GCC provides dynamic module loading, etc The problem isn't that Objective-C is a "bad" language. It is rather good actually. If you think of Objective-C as some simple additions to C to make your programming easier, more maintainable, and more enjoyable, then it can be a very useful tool. Just don't expect anything else from it unless you're on the Mac platform or are willing to deal with Openstep.

Re:the truth about objective-c Score: 3 , Informative. I wouldn't agree that that's a factor at all. Obj-C is available everywhere that GCC is. Re:the truth about objective-c Score: 3 , Interesting. Re:the truth about objective-c Score: 2. No, you're confused. You can use that instead of "NSObject" if you don't want to be tied to Cocoa. Mac users Re:the truth about objective-c Score: 1. NSObject isn't "from Cocoa".

It was inherited from NextStep. Where do you think the "NS" prefix comes from? Ok ok I stand corrected Re:the truth about objective-c Score: 2 , Insightful.

The benefits of Python

The thing I like about it is that, as commented, if you know 'C', you can learn the syntax in minutes. That said, most of what you need to take advantage of most languages these days are the standard packages and frameworks, rather than the syntax. I guess that's another debate altogether - simple languages with large standard libraries vs complex languages. Re:Objective C Score: 2. Underbridge writes:. You kinda missed the question and if I had any modpoints, I'd have voted 'redundant'.

Apparantly you missed the joke, and luckily this isn't worth my modpoints. Good thing you didn't have any points then because that joke went over your head. Re:Objective C Score: 1. I do see the joke but it's not really funny.

That's why he still got only one point, that's right? Objective C is good and Python is good. The Power of Unix is the ease of all the languages. Text Editors If I'm learning a language as opposed to working on a project with others , I find I seldom need all the bells and whistles an IDE provides. I know of two text editors that provide excellent Python integration. First, it is slightly cheaper; and secondly it has the words Don't Panic inscribed in large friendly letters on its cover.

Re:Text Editors Score: 2. For example, generating MFC applications, VC performs all kinds of abhorrent preprocessor abuse on your behalf. Since you are talking Python, you don't have this problem. This is the one killer feature for an IDE like eclipse. Aside from that I'm happy with a plain old text editor. Score: 4 , Interesting. BBEdit is grossly overpriced, even with their dumbass "crossgrade" from TextWrangler. Vim, TextEdit, emacs, and smultron are each far better editors at far better prices.

And SubEthaEdit is pretty decent with an unbeatable price as well. The folk over at BareBones have been cruising on reputation far too long with their substandard products Regardless, BBEdit does feature good python integration. But I agree, BBEdit is overpriced. I originally bought BBEdit back in the s when it was reasonably priced.

Install uPyCraft IDE – Mac OS X Instructions

I finally got fed up with paying for upgrades. That's the main reason I learned Vim. Steep learning curve, but the price is right. First off, I've been a BBEdit beta tester on and off. If you are a BBEdit user, and you have a complaint about the software, then tell them. As I've said before the key to change is to complain. Score: 1 , Troll. I have. Well most of my comploints have been about Mailsmith.

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