Gmail settings for outlook 2011 mac

Before you start, you need your:
  1. Microsoft Exchange
  2. Gmail - Configure Outlook for Mac
  3. Optional: advanced settings
  4. Gmail - Configure Outlook for Mac | Office of Information Technology

Double-click on the Office folder then double-click the Outlook icon.

Microsoft Exchange

Click Tools and then Accounts. Click on the E-mail Account icon. Enter your e-mail username in the User name field. Enter mail.

Gmail - Configure Outlook for Mac

Check Use SSL to connect recommended. Enter smtp.

Check Override default port and enter in the second field of Outgoing server. Click on Add Account. In the Accounts window, click on More Options under Outgoing server.

Adding a Google Apps e-mail account to Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2013

Select User Name and Password for Authentication. Enter your Active Directory username and password. Click OK.

Optional: advanced settings

Click on Advanced in the Accounts window. Select Always download complete message bodies under the Server Tab.

If you would like for complete bodies to be downloaded in all subscribed folders, un-check In Inbox only. Click OK and close the window to finish the setup. Every e-mail message contains a header. Make sure IMAP is enabled. For added security, turn off POP as well.

Gmail - Configure Outlook for Mac | Office of Information Technology

Click Save Changes. Outlook shows Gmail labels as folders, so unchecking these boxes will help things look right in Outlook. For more information, see the note on labels at the bottom of this post.

Click the General tab and click Save Changes. Select the Accounts icon. If you have any accounts currently added to Outlook they will show here. Otherwise, it will show as empty. Click the icon next to E-mail Account. Enter your Gmail address and password, and leave the Configure automatically box checked.

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Click the Add Account button. Outlook will attempt to find the server information for you.