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  1. Watch Mac Lethal perform Alphabet Insanity live in | Couch Seats
  2. YouTube star Mac Lethal brings his lightning-fast raps and sharp sense of humor to Spokane
  3. Alphabet Insanity
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Watch Mac Lethal perform Alphabet Insanity live in | Couch Seats

Music Music News. March 29, Motor-mouthed rapper Mac Lethal became an unlikely viral sensation with his lightning-fast hip-hop delivery.

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YouTube star Mac Lethal brings his lightning-fast raps and sharp sense of humor to Spokane

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FAST RAP - 400 words in 1 minute

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March 31, Pitchfork Media. December 5, Retrieved December 6, The Washington Post. The Huffington Post. December 2, Vox Talk. Rhymesayers Entertainment. It was always about getting my friends to tell me I was good enough. I started, and I kept getting better and better until eventually it turned into what it's turned into.

Alphabet Insanity

I never planned this. It just kind of happened. A: Instantly.

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I could just always do it. The thing that matters more than anything is the succession of words that you use. Certain words are not phonetically going to work with other words in a certain order, and some words are not going to work at all. Words that are really easy to roll off the tip of your tongue have softer syllables in them; words that are very bouncy off the tips of lips and tongue are much easier to say.

It's all about where your jaw is. I could always do it somewhat, and I just started practicing and figuring out different ways to get better. A: I don't know. We started putting out YouTube videos early on.

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We were into the concept of releasing your own music videos through YouTube before YouTube was even close to what it is today. It didn't have the traffic. It didn't have the elaborate technology that it does now. I don't know if we had any expectations. It was more like limitations. We didn't have the ability to reach people with our music videos through television, which is how we came up.

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We watched music videos on TV, so early on we decided to make videos and just put them on YouTube. After we had made some videos with budgets and production, I started just making them at my apartment. If you watch the timeline of my videos, they used to be a lot nicer. Oddly enough, the stuff that I tried to make look beautiful got an ok response, but me just sitting there rapping in my kitchen gets 35 million views.

Q: There are a lot of people that desperately want a viral video. As somebody who now has this routinely happen, what kind of advice would you give them? A: You have ad agencies trying to come up with ways that they can do it.

tongue twister rap mac lethal

They're trying to come up with formulas for it. I'm telling you, and I swear by this because I've done it multiple times, anytime I've had success in that realm it's because I went where the trend wasn't headed. The reason that viral videos work is because people feel like they have to share it before they even watch it. They see the title of it, and they see part of the video, and they already share it with their friends. I know I do that.

Altri album

I'll send it to my friends before I see it because I think they'll like it. It's an old Wayne Gretzky thing. Wayne Gretzky's father taught him when he was a young kid to never go where the puck is. Go where you think the puck is going to end up. That's why he was so good, and that's kind of the philosophy I use when I approach videos. Again, it doesn't always work, but when it works it really works.