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What do you need the software for?

An external hard drive just needs to be plugged in. Well, yesterday, I was trying to see if I could back up without any additional work. It didn't work.

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So, I erased it and started over again, it would get so far then just stop. I really can't describe anything else.

Review: My Passport Edge hard drive complements Mac laptops | Macworld

When you plug it in can you browse to it in Finder? There is no other software required to use the drive, but perhaps something else is going wrong. Chundles macrumors G4. Jul 4, 11, You just need to reformat it. I tried it again and got so far then it just stopped Thank you. Weaselboy Moderator Staff member.

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Jan 23, 29, 8, California. Is it possible someone could walk me through reformatting? Weaselboy said:. You don't need it.

Attach the drive and launch Disk Utility. Then select this checkbox option I have shown. View attachment Now select the drive itself on the left side.

Best external hard drives for Macs in 12222

Mine says asmedia Make sure you pick the drive just like in my screenshot and not any of the partitions below it. Now click the erase button and set it up like my screenshot. Put whatever you want for name then click erase. This will give you a freshly formatted drive suitable for Time Machine backups. View attachment Pretty much all the drive companies have been bought up by either WD or Seagate, and for a backup drive like this, they are all pretty much the same.

Just decide if you want a desktop 3. Apr 7, I have a WD My Home connected to my system and I couldn't see the volume through the entire Mojave beta trials and even after the official release. That is a networked drive though isn't it? I'm talking about directly attached USB drives.

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Fishrrman macrumors P6. Feb 20, 17, 5, There's probably nothing wrong with the OP's hard drive, other than that she still has the proprietary WD software on it Fishrrman said:.

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  • What I would try: 1. A company I used to work for had to do daily backups and per project backups and we relied on Western Digital products to ensure that our data was secured. Now that I am working independently and I need storage solutions for my media backups, I immediately looked to Western Digital. The case has been modified slightly from previous versions to include a metal cover. The hard drive can act as an automatic backup drive and features password protection as an option. This utility software can also help to manage your hard drive with WD Drive Utilities.

    Out of the box, the drive is Windows 10 ready, but it can be formatted to work with Mac computers, too. The older version was only available with a USB 3. Both models are formatted for Windows machines out of the box, but you can reformat using Paragon NTFS for Mac included with the drive. It does a beautiful job of storing data and makes it really easy to keep a portable drive with me at all times. The one thing you really have to be cautious of is the fact that this is a mechanical hard drive and not an SSD.

    Because of that, the hard drive does not have any shock protection.

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    If it is thrown around a lot, it will be more prone to fail. One of the first things I usually do with any hard drive I test out is to open up Disk Utility to see that the capacity of the drive matches what the box says. In this case, Disk Utility stated that it was a 2TB hard drive which matched up with the packaging. The AJA test is unique because you get a sense for how specific video files will be processed using the selected hard drive. Typically, I get the same type of speed from both tests, but I like running them both regardless.

    The Blackmagic test will show whether or not the speed of the drive tested will hold up with some common video formats. I used a video file that was 2.